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The purpose of Loop Ring is to build a community of netizens across the world. Everyone is welcome to join the Loop Ring as long as their website is genuine and sincere.
This is a planet that follows members of the IndieWeb community.
...a webring for connecting the visual artist community of Neocities (and other personal sites!) It also serves as a directory where you can discover new artists...
Enjoy free interactive fiction with an approachable word-on-word mechanic suitable for touchscreens, phones and browsers.
incubating a humane dynamic medium
tilde.town is an intentional digital community for making art, socializing, and learning. Unlike many online spaces, users interact with tilde.town through a direct connection instead of a web site. This means using a tool called ssh and other text based tools.
Park City is an internet community for folks who pine for community in the isolated modern netscape. we’re a group of friends, creative partners, and limitless imagination.
A web space community that focuses on building websites for self-expression and creativity, made up of professionals, hobbyists, and enthusiasts of the personal web.
Indoor and House Plant Resource. How Many Plants is a growing plant care resource and community for ALL plant parents, seasoned enthusiasts and first-timers alike!

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