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A personal (mostly) static website with a retro aesthetic dedicated to my art and projects. Also hosts my blog, video games, and IRL arts and crafts.
I’m deluxe. I make videos and also like to “program” (aka stay up all night making a windows vm just to destroy it or run code on it).
features video live streams, a feed of links and selected online exhibitions
see almost-live video from over 900 TFL cameras across London
Hey web surfers, I’m Daniel! I’m a big fan of music, video games and YouTubers!
the garden of words - a personal collective of fan websites dedicated to video games, anime, manga, and music.
An alternative front-end to YouTube
Astrofox is a powerful motion graphics tool that lets you turn amazing music visualizations into videos. Combine music with text, images, animations and effects to create stunning, unique visuals. Generate high-definition videos to share your work with the world.
Growing collection of creative reference and entertainment. Discover illustration, design, art, photo, 3D, video, websites, music, & reading.
A collection of notes on society, activism, politics and design for print, video, the Web, transportation and the built environment.

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