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Explore and learn about New York City’s trees. Discover their species and diameter, record your stewardship activities, and share favorite trees with friends.
I’m Jeremy. I typically write about gardening, environmental issues, animist spirituality, woodworking, and whatever I’m reading at the moment.
A minimalist coding environment. Control 16x16 points with a single JavaScript function.
Desktop environment in the browser
Faint Signals is an invitation to slow down. An opportunity to experience an imagined Yorkshire forest, densely populated with sounds of nature from the British Library’s archive.
We are the players in the real American economy and we pledge to do our part to fulfill the promise of the #ParisAgreement.
How can we imagine and create a future we want to live in?
SUSTAIN is an online media platform where eco-conscious warriors cultivate a healthy, planet-friendly lifestyle.
Free peer-to-peer spatial audio environments, hang out together in a cozy corner of the internet.
One Square Inch of Silence is very possibly the quietest place in the United States. It is an independent research project located in the Hoh Rain Forest of Olympic National Park, which is one of the most pristine, untouched, and ecologically diverse environments in the United States.

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